What You’ll Learn Today:

  • The five reasons why having a couples’ business meeting will make you happier in your relationship 
  • My checklist items for making a couples’ business meeting consistent and successful

Top Take-A-Ways:

Having regular business meetings is an important habit for couples. There are so many moving pieces in any family that it’s easy to seem like we’re nagging one another 

Having weekly (or even biweekly) couples’ business meetings will make you happier because:

  1. Instead of having what seems like a constant stream of nagging, you will have one time and place to discuss all these individual things.
  2. You’ll have your partner’s full attention. 
  3. You don’t have to worry about forgetting something important.
  4. There’s accountability.
  5. You’ll have a planned time to deal with bigger issues that often get missed or rushed which creates frustration and disappointment.

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