What You’ll Learn Today:

On today’s broadcast you’ll learn:

  1. Why finding a counselor is like finding the right partner
  2. The 16 things you should consider when choosing a couple’s counselor
  3. The most commonly asked questions and answers around finding a great couple’s counselor

Top Take-A-Ways:

Finding the right couple’s counselor is a lot like dating to find the right partner. You’ve got to have that great fit: personalities that mesh, as well as cultural and intellectual compatibility. Get a feel before making that first appointment. 

Here’s a list of some of the things you need to know when looking for a great couple’s counselor:

  1. Do not pick someone based on time availability or price– pick someone on fit! 
  2. Find someone with flexibility about counseling sessions and/or how often you meet. 
  3. Make sure the couples’ therapist brings up how you work your finances as a couple. 
  4. Your couple’s therapist should also be very comfortable talking about your sex life with you. 
  5. Make sure the therapist is dedicated to each of you feeling happy and fulfilled. 
  6. You shouldn’t feel like your couple’s therapist take sides. 
  7. Someone who doesn’t trample your boundaries 
  8. You want a therapist who gives you specific strategies and tips for changing your relationship.
  9. If you have a drug or alcohol problem (or think you do), you want to see someone who has experience with chemical dependency. 
  10. Related to this, make sure they know about marriage research and that they’ve had some experience with couples. 
  11. Your therapist should not let you and your partner engage in angry exchanges repeatedly during your sessions. 
  12. The focus in couples’ counseling should be on how to deal with your current marital problems. 
  13. Make sure you set concrete goals for therapy. 
  14. Whoever you pick, make sure they carry hope, not cynicism. 
  15. Don’t schedule the second appointment right away. Go home and discuss the session first. 
  16. Don’t schedule sessions at the end of a long day. If it’s a priority, make it one and take some time off work or wherever to make it happen.

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