What You’ll Learn Today:

  • The eight habits of connected, happy and successful relationships

Top Take-A-Ways:

1. Be Interested: Show you’re listening and give your partner your undivided attention. Don’t multitask in any conversation with your partner. 

2. Make Your Partner #1: How does your partner know they’re special in your life? Think of ways you can show your partner that they’re more than just a roommate. 

3. Show Unconditional Acceptance: Many couples show each other unconditional love but not unconditional acceptance. Do you accept who they are as a person or are you always trying to change them? 

4. Use Positive Language: Be encouraging, give compliments and use positive language to describe your partner and your relationship. 

5. Show Affection: this can be physical (holding hands), doing something nice for them or simply saying “I love you.”

6. Keep Your Side of the Street Clean: Get sleep, eat well, limit your drug and alcohol intake and take time for yourself. 

7. Ask More Collaborative Questions. Instead of making statements, offering advice or criticizing, ask collaborative questions meant to brainstorm, facilitate and open up dialogue and connection. 

8. Focus on the bright spots. Focus on what’s right, not what’s wrong with your partner or in your relationship. There’s a negativity bias we all have, so we’re actually skewed towards looking at our partners negatively. 

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