What You’ll Learn Today:

  • The mistakes people make when they try to show their partner that they’re a priority
  • My simple, two-step process to ensure your partner feels like a priority

Top Take-A-Ways:

I get questions all the time asking how you can make your partner feel like a priority and it boils down to one main thing: Connecting Time. 

Connecting Time has two components (and neither has to do with the length of time you spend). Connecting Time means:

  1. That your partner has your full attention
  2. Your goal is one of listening and connection 

Connecting Time is different for everyone. What makes one person feel like they’re a priority isn’t what another wants. Different people want different things.

I’ve created this simple two-step process for making sure you’re creating Connecting Time, so your partner feels like a priority. 

Step One: Ask them! 

You can’t decide your partner needs; they need to tell you what it is. 

Step Two: Listen to them!

Most of us think we’re listening and we’re not. 

You always need to ask clarifying questions because otherwise it’s your interpretation of what you think your partner means. It might seem obvious to you, but don’t be sucked in! It’s not! Find out specifically what your partner wants to feel like a priority. What specific actions would you be taking, what would you be saying, how would you be behaving?

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