Even If Your Partner Won't Do a Thing

Amazon #1 Best-Seller

Be Happily Married, Even If Your Partner Won’t Do A Thing.

Are you ready to:
Feel Closer and More Connected to your Partner?
Stop Having the Same Argument Over and Over?
Be Happier and Finally Make Changes that Stick?
It’s not too late. You can reclaim your relationship AND your happiness. You just need to have the right tools to finally make it happen.
REVIEW: Life changing book

This book is simply brilliant. It is incredibly empowering – showing us exactly where and how we have control over what happens in our relationships. Dr. Medcalf is a master in the art of finding true happiness and balance within yourself, and in thus improving the way you relate to the outside world.

While the title of this book implies that it is for married couples, I believe this book can be applied to any romantic relationship, and even to friendships. The patterns discussed are ones we encounter on a daily basis when interacting with other people. The suggestions are highly actionable, clear and SPOT ON!!! Following these suggestions can literally alter the course of your relationship and your life, increasing your connection, intimacy and comfort with your partner. The style of the book is highly engaging, and Dr. Medcalf’s humor and wit shine through – helping to add fun to the process of healing yourself and your relationship.

Finally, the studies and real-life examples throughout the book illustrate why these suggestions are so highly effective, and how they work. Run, don’t walk, to purchase this book – it just may completely transform your relationship and your life!

– Alyona

REVIEW: A Different Kind of Relationship Book That’s Super Helpful!

I’ve been married for over 15 years and I stumbled upon this book and decided to check it out. I don’t love reading relationship books but there were some things I wanted to work on in my marriage and was intrigued by the title. This is such a different kind of relationship book – really straightforward with lots of easy tools and tips and tricks to improve your relationship. There are also real-life examples and at the end of each chapter there are action tips. So many books just dump a bunch of information on you with no guidance which is what makes this book so different. Highly recommend. It has really been changing my relationship with my wife in so many ways and now she is reading the book!

– Steven Pogatch


REVIEW: Boldly engaging…

Abby’s writing style makes for an engaging and easily digestible read. She writes as though you are having a lively (very lively) discussion throughout. I’m utilizing this book as a preparatory foundation for the marriage I don’t yet have but do desire. It is full of principles and tools for oneself to become whole and effective in any intimate relationship including that with oneself. I’m extra appreciative of the bold humor that shouts out from every chapter – real tools for real life no matter where your partner is.

– Shannon Clay


REVIEW: Written with humor & packed with useful tips!

I am a therapist, and I’m always looking for good books to recommend to my clients. When I came across this book and read it, I knew immediately that it will make my list. Abby combines humor, practical tips, real-life examples, and research into a quick and easy read. I highly recommend it!

– Annia