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Create Your Vision

Looking to create a vision for your life? Every effective organization has a vision statement because it’s the True North of any company; it defines their purpose and what they’re striving to achieve. When I work with executives who are faced with a difficult problem or confused about what goals to focus on, I bring them back to the company’s vision and those decisions become much easier.

In my work with individuals and couples, I found that creating a vision for their lives was just as important, useful and inspiring! It’s incredible how we move forward in life and don’t take the time to really think about our big picture or where what we really want in our lives.

When I used to ask clients about their vision for their life, they’d end up telling me about their goals. Goals, of course, are important, but your vision is different. In fact, your vision should come first and your goals should flow from there. Because, goals are the “how” and your vision is your “why.” Your vision in any area of your life is what helps you stay motivated when it’s hard to keep going. It’s that inner driving force that lights up your path!

But how do you figure out your life’s vision? I created The Vision Exercise so you could set out a clear vision in 8 important areas of your life: Finances, Home, Career, Relationships, Physical Health, Free Time, Spirituality and Sex.


A Word About Partners

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, your vision should start with you. If you want to have a shared vision with a partner, you should each fill out The Vision Exercise separately. Then I suggest you identify a time to share what you wrote in a particular section. From there, you can build one, unified vision for the couple. If your visions are very different in an area, come together to problem-solve how you can each achieve your separate visions while still living your couple dream life!


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