Today’s podcast is a little different because it’s not focused on romantic relationships. This one is for parents looking to successfully launch your young adult into the world. To do this, I’m interviewing Millennial expert, Tess Brigham. Tess Brigham is a licensed psychotherapist and board certified coach who helps 20-somethings find clarity so they can confidently discover their path and make an impact on the world.

She has been a featured Millennials expert in Huff Post, GenTwenty, Chelsea Krost, Insider, Thrive Global, Thought Catalog, Epoch Times and is regular contributor to Life Goals Magazine and The Adult Dish.

Who This Episode is for:

  • Anyone with a twentysomething kid who wants to see their adult child launch successfully.
  • Parents with kids in high school who want to gear up for a successful launch

What You’ll Learn Today:

  • How twentysomethings are different 
  • How to tell the difference between a depressed kid and a kid who needs a push
  • Specific strategies for launching your adult child (or soon to be adult) into the world

Resources and Links:

Blog Post 

Tess is giving you a copy of her ebook, Launching Your Twentysomething. Check it out here:


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