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Are you feeling like you make changes in your life and relationship but then they don’t stick? Are you worried that things will never get better because your partner won’t make any changes? These are just some of the questions Dr. Abby Medcalf will answer so you can make your relationship feel easy, connected and happy. Armed with humor, a ton of research and over 25 years of hands-on experience Dr. Abby will teach you simple, actionable tools and strategies that you can use today to make your relationship the
best it’s ever been.
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045 How to be Heard in Your Relationship

What You’ll Learn Today:The difference between hearing and listeningThe three A’s of effective listeningThe big secret about being heard is that it has little to do with the other person! (I’ll explain later)The 5 Step Process for Being Heard in Any...

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044 Relationship ESP: A Conversation with Ken Blackman

What You’ll Learn Today:Have you ever wished you could read your partner’s mind? In today’s episode I interview sex and connection expert, Ken Blackman. Listen in as we discuss how to key into your intuition and start connecting more deeply with your...

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043 The Secret to Changing (Relationship) Habits

What You’ll Learn Today:How long it really takes to create a habitHow changing relationship habits is just like changing any other habitWhat you’ve been doing wrong to change habits in the pastHow to use Action Triggers to make habits stick!What this...

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042 Launching Your Twentysomething with Tess Brigham

Today’s podcast is a little different because it’s not focused on romantic relationships. This one is for parents looking to successfully launch your young adult into the world. To do this, I’m interviewing Millennial expert, Tess Brigham. Tess Brigham is...

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041 What Anxiety Really is and How to Stop It

What You’ll Learn Today:The difference between stress and anxietyThe biology of anxietyWhy what works to battle stress often doesn’t work to battle anxiety Specific grounding exercises to cope with anxietyTop Take-A-Ways:The Biology of Anxiety:Your...

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