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Are you feeling like you make changes in your life and relationship but then they don’t stick? Are you worried that things will never get better because your partner won’t make any changes? These are just some of the questions Dr. Abby Medcalf will answer so you can make your relationship feel easy, connected and happy. Armed with humor, a ton of research and over 25 years of hands-on experience Dr. Abby will teach you simple, actionable tools and strategies that you can use today to make your relationship the
best it’s ever been.
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052 If You Want Your Partner to Change, Do This.

What You’ll Learn Today: Accepting your partner for who they are, not who you want them to be The critical difference between loving your partner and accepting your partner  The 5 healthy things you can do when you want to change your partner  Top...

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051 The 5 Step Formula for Getting to Consensus

What You’ll Learn Today:Why it’s so important to create consensus decision-making in your relationshipWhat three components consensus decision-making has to have and My five-step process for making it happenTop Take-A-Ways:Decision-making in relationships...

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048 How Attached are You to Your Partner?

What You’ll Learn Today: What attachment is How to identify your own attachment style How your attachment style is affecting your relationship My top 7 tips for changing to a healthier attachment style Top Take-A-Ways: In the 1940s, John Bowlby, a...

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