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Today is all about how to get your sexy back in the kitchen (and with food) with my guest, Kiele Jaele. Kiele is a holistic chef & sensuality coach for women. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Guam and trained in New York City, she’s combined her passion for food and cooking, and her background in sensual movement and dance to strengthen our relationship with food, our sensuality, and ourselves. Kiele is the creator of the FULL: a framework that helps empower women to become experts in nourishing their entire feminine-being to feel sexy, healthy, and confident. This method helps women discover a deeper connection with their health through their sensuality which creates a more positive relationship with food and cooking. Kiele’s work is mostly with women, but we also have some tips for the men today, so please stay tuned no matter how you identify!

Resources and Links:

Kiele’s Millet Recipe

Take Kiele’s quiz to find out what energetic element you are dominant in. This will help dictate what food you should eat and what foods you should avoid. Click here to take the quiz.


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