So much is written about how to stop negative thoughts but I’m here with something new. How about not having negative thoughts at all? And if any pop up, you can swat them away like a fly!

Do you have negative thoughts that you just can’t seem to stop thinking? If you’ve tried tools to stop negative thoughts and you haven’t been successful, then you’re in the right place! The issue is that you’ve been going about stopping negative thoughts the wrong way. Namely, you wait until you have them, and then you try to stop them.

There’s something I call the Goodbye Negative Thinking Trinity and, when you use it consistently, you’ll be able to alter your negative thoughts to such a degree that they don’t bother you and no longer have any power in your life.

The Trinity work in formation so, for the next few weeks I’ll be breaking down each part of the Trinity so you can practice and integrate each piece week by week. If you’re looking for an overnight fix to saying goodbye to negative thoughts, there isn’t one. However, if you’re willing to give it a few weeks, you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make in such a relatively short amount of time.

 Goodbye Negative Thinking Trinity First Pillar: Start with Positive Momentum

The very best thing you can do to say goodbye to negative thoughts is to “get in front of them” and stop them before they start because it’s the negative momentum that kills you.


Setting up a morning ritual that puts you first is the most critical part of your day. This is the way to stay ahead of the negative momentum.

This is the way to start with a positive momentum in your day. And there’s a 3-step process to making it happen:

Step 1:

When you turn off the alarm (or when you awake naturally) take a moment in bed to bring yourself to a good feeling thought. Now, take one deep breath. As you breathe in, consciously think, “I’m breathing in a bright, beautiful day with a fresh start.”As you exhale consciously think, “I’m breathing out gratitude and appreciation for my life.”

Step 2:

Sit up and plant your feet on the floor and set an intention for how you’d like the next little section of your morning to be. Take one or two breaths and focus on whatever good thing you want to feel.

Step 3:

Meditate and visualize: Set aside 5 minutes to focus inward.

Eventually, you can listen to a guided visualization or meditation. For this week (because I love you so much and love to give you gifts), I’ve created a short morning visualization that you can listen to, to start your day off with tons of positive momentum! This is going to absolutely get you pointed in the right direction for your day! Listen to it for the next week and then I’ll have something new for you to add (or replace it with) next week.


  • Do not check your phone at all before this morning routine
  • If you use the alarm on your phone to wake up, try instead to get a “real” alarm clock so that you can unhook from your phone for a little bit each morning while you focus on yourself
  • Make sure you find a private place where you won’t be interrupted for your 5 minutes.
  • Let others know you’re doing this morning routine and that it’s sacred and you’re not to be interrupted for any reason

That’s it – stay with me while I tackle all the ways to say goodbye to negative thinking these next few weeks and next week we’ll discuss the second part of the Goodbye Negative Thinking Trinity.

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