The holidays are a time when many people throw their rules aside and end up with lots of overdoing: too much food, too much booze or drugs, putting money on credit cards for gifts and travel and trying to cram more into your days than the space-time continuum allows. Layer on top of that all the COVID hell and you’ve easily got a recipe for feeling like crap come January 2nd.

2020 has been a hell of a year thus far so it might feel like it’s OK to just give up and give in to all the over-indulging this holiday season. You might be thinking, “I deserve to let loose.” Maybe you’re just so tired you don’t feel like you’ve got it in you to be grounded and balanced in these last few months of 2020.

So, I’m here to be your cheerleader today and give you an easy 3-step plan to create a holiday season of joy and serenity. By the time you ring in 2021, you’ll have built positive momentum and feel motivated to keep going. You won’t need to make any resolutions (they fail the vast majority of the time anyway) because you’ll already be feeling great!

What are the benefits of being grounded and balanced?

  • You’ll be able to consistently come from loved-based emotions like appreciation, patience, kindness and joy so you’ll feel more positive day-to-day
  • You’ll be able to act, not react, in those moments when your dad is getting on your last nerve
  • Overwhelm and reactivity become a thing of the past

So, what do you have to do to stay grounded and balanced this holiday season? Follow my 3-step plan!

Step 1: You’re going to decide right now to be happy.

This isn’t about a big goal to “be happy” but, rather, to focus on how you feel every single day. How you feel, day to day, is the most important thing in your life. Feeling grounded and balanced come easily from this place.

Action Tip

And here’s the action tip I want you to incorporate. Every time you sit down to a meal, I want you to set intention first. Whenever possible, do this out loud. Go around the table with whoever you’re with and ask them to set an intention for this meal. If they don’t understand that word, ask them to say what their wishes are for the meal. How would they like it to go? Do they want to be a great listener, laugh a lot, stay in the moment of feeling grateful?

Step 2: Wake up 5 minutes early every day

With this 5 minutes, I want you to sit in stillness and meditate.

I’m also going to hold your hand as you begin this process. If you don’t meditate or find it really hard, you can get my free Meditation Starter Kit, which includes a track you can listen to with my melodious voice holding your hand through a 3-minute meditation. Once you get comfortable with that, we can move you on to the whole 5 minutes (and I know you’re going to like it so much that you’ll eventually get to the 15 minutes a day I recommend).

Step 3: Ask More Than You State

One of the big obstacles to staying grounded and balanced is other people. Mainly, the crap they say to us that drives us crazy. When you react with any statement, you end up in an argument, stand-off, or with tension. The key is to ask questions. Whenever you’re ready to come back with something, ask a question instead.


There’s almost nothing better for you than taking a few minutes each day to set your day on the right track! You want to start off on your best foot, so I’ve created this Meditation Starter Kit. You just need 3 minutes to start your day – that’s it! Just 3 minutes to start the positive momentum of a great day!

Get your FREE Meditation Starter Kit right here!

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