The holiday season is well under way and, for many of you, you’re not feeling so “merry and bright.” It’s easy to over-indulge on the wrong things like those high-fat or sugary foods, booze, spending too much money or trying to cram a week’s worth of activities into two days. This all adds up to less patience, kindness and love which we really need when we’re dealing with our families, friends and overscheduling. 

I’m ALL for indulgence, but you’ve got to also indulge in things that will put much-needed fuel into the tank.

With that in mind, here are three quick tips to bring the love and sanity this holiday season:

  1. Hire some help. You heard me. Figure out how to get some help this holiday season. It could be for things you usually “just do yourself” like cutting the grass, grocery shopping or walking the dog. For a couple of weeks, hire someone else to do some or all of this stuff so you can spend time on the things you’ve added to your plate during the holiday season.  One of my favorites is hiring someone to clean up after one of my big holiday dinners. It’s awesome!! I love all the cooking, I just don’t like all the cleaning. Imagine having someone there to whisk away all the plates and dirty napkins and to wash all those casserole dishes. You can make yourself a guest at your own holiday meal. Even if it’s just for one night, indulge and get some help!
  2. Sleep! Indulge in some sleep this holiday. You’re running around at break neck speed to see everyone, cook everything and get everything done. Create some real time to sleep in. No joke: schedule it! If this means asking Aunt Cathy to watch the kids on Saturday morning or hiring a sitter to come in on Sunday and take them to the park – do it! Spend the money or emotional currency and get help so you can get some real sleep. When we’ve slept we have more willpower, which means more love, patience and kindness for everyone.
  3. Get thee to a pedicure. It doesn’t have to be a pedicure, but it’s important to schedule some pamper time like a massage (or ask for one for a gift and schedule it right after the holiday to help you recoup). If you find sports relaxing, go hit a round of golf balls, climb that indoor wall at the gym or make some time for a basketball game with some buddies. Do something that feels completely decadent and like you “shouldn’t” for yourself. This is the season of doing for others, but you can’t give them the best of yourself if your tank is empty. 

The important thing here is planning and scheduling. Don’t assume this year will be different and all will be “fine.” Instead, be real about how the holidays usually feel and make plans for yourself accordingly. If you don’t schedule it in advance it either won’t happen, or you’ll feel rushed and stressed doing the “fun” thing (which really takes away from the whole point). 

Now’s your time to plan on indulging (the right way) for the holidays. 

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