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Do you feel like your relationship isn’t fair? Maybe you feel like you’re always the one doing more of the heavy lifting, making more of the plans, figuring out the money, whatever it is, well, if that’s what you’ve been feeling lately, then today’s episode about unfair relationships is for you.

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Dear Dr. Abby,

My partner and I love to travel, see shows, art, music, etc. The problem is that I’m always the one who plans everything from start to finish — from figuring out how to get the money together for it to the actual execution and making all the plans. It’s exhausting. He will help out if I ask him to do something, but that means I still have to take charge and hold all the pieces. He just won’t take the initiative to do it. He’s very efficient and on top of things at work, so I know he can get stuff done. But when it comes to home, he doesn’t do those things. How do we keep doing the activities we enjoy but in a way that is more equitable?

Tune in to hear my take on unfair relationships.



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