Have you got a coworker who undermines you, but your boss doesn’t see it and thinks your coworker is the bee’s knees?

Or maybe you’ve got a sibling who cuts you down and “teases” you and, when you’ve confronted them, they say you’re too sensitive and can’t take a joke?

Maybe right now your partner got off a Zoom meeting in a bad mood and then “coincidentally” was suddenly all over you about spending too much money on Amazon!

These situations are unfair but not insurmountable. The key is to remember that other people can’t “make you feel” anything. You and you alone are in charge of your emotions and reactions.

Today I’m doing an “Ask Dr. Abby” broadcast where we go deep into what to do when you’re being treated unfairly!

Got a problem with your partner, at work, or with a family member or friend?

Let me help you solve that problem! Send me an email at abby@abbymedcalf.com and I’ll see about using your question/issue on a future broadcast.

I promise to change your name and the details slightly so you can’t be identified, but you’ll have a place to get all those burning relationship questions answered!

 Ready to find out what goes on inside that crazy mind of Abby’s? 

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