Your day doesn’t start when you turn off your alarm in the morning. Your day starts when you set the alarm the night before. Getting your butt to bed at a reasonable hour and then getting shut eye is key to having a good day. With good sleep you’ll feel closer to your partner, be more productive and creative at work, be a more patient parent and even lose weight and be more satisfied in your life overall. Sleep is the answer to your happy life!

I’m going to be talking a lot about good sleep as it relates to your love relationships, but good sleep applies to ALL your relationships. All the benefits that help you be a better partner, also help you be a better daughter, uncle, coworker, friend, boss and parent.

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The Stages of Sleep

Stage One is so light that, if you got up during it, you might not realize that you’d even been sleeping. Researchers know you’re in the second stage because sleep-specific brain waves appear.

If you’re in Stage Two, you’ll know you’d been asleep if you wake up.

Stages Three and Four are considered deep sleep. In three, the brain sends out long, rhythmic bursts called delta waves and Stage Four is known as slow-wave sleep (yes, the brain waves are slow and deep in this stage).

Stage Four is the deepest form of sleep, and your brain is very far from conscious thought. If you wake up during Stage Four, you’ll be disoriented, unable to answer basic questions and want nothing more than to go back to sleep (researchers call this sleep drunkenness). The fifth and final stage is REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep.

Stage Five is when most dreams occur and the brain is as active as it is when it is awake.

5 Tips for Great Sleep

The bottom line: You need about eight hours of sleep each night if you’re an adult (even if you don’t act like one). So, how are you going to get them? Mary Carskadon of Brown University, one of the world’s leading sleep researchers, offers some hacks for getting the rest you need:

Tip 1: Reduce blue light exposure in the evening

Tip 2: Wake up and go to sleep at consistent times

Tip 3: Get Your Bedroom in the Mood

Tip 4: Let Your Partner Sleep!

Tip 5: Get Your Smart Phone Away from Your Bed(room)

Resources and Links:

Abby Medcalf, Be Happily Married: Even If Your Partner Won’t Do a Thing

W. Christopher Winter, The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It

Dr. Neil Stanley, How to Sleep Well: The Science of Sleeping Smarter, Living Better and Being Productive


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