What You’ll Learn Today:

  • How the law of attraction really works in your relationship by talking about all things quantum energy (I promise it’ll be fun)!

Top Take-A-Ways:

You’re basically a walking, talking ball of energy with a little matter thrown in. Matter is all the stuff you can touch or that has “weight.” Water, tables, chairs, trees, your body, your cell phone and pretty much everything that you see around you is all matter. 

All of this matter is made up of molecules, and molecules are made up of something even smaller called atoms. Atoms are basically the building blocks of all matter or things. 

Atoms are made up even tinier pieces of matter called subatomic particles: protons, neutrons and electrons. There are 118 different types of atoms which we call elements and these all make up that periodic table you may remember from high school. 

Atoms are SO incredibly small that if every atom in a penny was the size of a golf ball, then that penny would be larger than the planet Mars!

Things that are not matter include feelings, thoughts and light. Light, of course, lets you see all the matter around you, but it’s different from matter. The main difference? Light doesn’t weigh anything. Even air has a weight, but light, feelings and thoughts don’t. But, just because it doesn’t weigh anything and you can’t “see it” doesn’t mean you don’t feel it. You believe that likely about light, thoughts and your feelings (that they’re real even though you can’t feel or see all of them), so now I need you to extend that to the energy and vibrational frequency you’re putting out all the time. 

Since you’re mostly made up of atoms and all of these atoms and subatomic particles are in constant motion, they all put out their own distinct frequency or vibration, from low to high. Like frequencies attract other like frequencies. 

So, low vibrational thoughts attract low vibrational experiences or things. 

All those thoughts you’re having and subconscious beliefs are putting out a vibration. Your words might be different, but it’s the vibration that’s doing all the work. 

You have to change your energetic vibration in order to change your life and it all begins with your thoughts. 

Everything in your life, right this minute, is a reflection of your vibratory state. It’s a reflection of the frequency you’re operating on. 

This is actually good news because it means it’s in your power to shift and create new things in your life. First, though, you have to know where you’re starting from and looking at your current life gives you that starting point. If you want to change how fast your car is going, you can’t do that until you know what your speed is right now. 

Your current, consistent emotional state is your speedometer. Remember, you feel the way you think, so these emotions are letting you know what you’re truly thinking. 

The results in any unhappy or unsatisfactory area of your life, are letting you know what you really, subconsciously believe. 

If you want to get from a low to a high vibrational state, it’s all about your attention. You change your frequency by where you put your attention.

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