I’m so excited to have the amazing Lisa Linfield on today’s podcast.

Lisa is a personal finance expert, keynote speaker, course creator and host of her own podcast Working Women’s Wealth. Lisa is a board-certified Financial Planner (CFP), is CEO of wealth and investment management business Southern Pride Wealth, has two honours degrees (one in Financial Planning) and has studied at Oxford, Insead and London Business School. 

She has over 20 years of financial services experience in the UK and South Africa and has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Contemporary Business and Investing for Life.

Today you’re going to learn the key factors you need to know at every stage of your adult life:

  1. Single
  2. DINK
  3. Couples’ Midlife
  4. Retirement
  5. And even death (yikes!)

Tune in to learn about the importance of “touching toes” (get your kinky mind out of the gutter – it’s something completely different) and how to easily figure out how much you need to retire. Today’s episode is a must for anyone who touches money! 

Resources and Links:

Episode 20: The Seven Beliefs About Money that are Hurting Your Relationship



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