If you’re as old as me, you’ll remember commercials “back in the day” for Snuggies. Snuggies are still around (I just Googled that to make sure) but if you haven’t seen one before, imagine a big hoodie and a blanket having a baby. Yes, a Snuggie is basically a wearable blanket with sleeves.

The idea is to barricade yourself in the house, cue up something to binge watch and wrap yourself up in your Snuggie where you’ll be super warm and cozy in your own little world of comfort.

I can see how the original Snuggie was a beautiful thing (fashion “don’t” aside), but there’s another kind of Snuggie I want to talk about.

Today I’m going to teach you all about something I call Belief Snuggies. These are rules, attitudes, principles, truths and thoughts that have become part of the fabric of your life. They’re so omnipresent that you don’t even realize that these beliefs aren’t facts. They’re so embedded that you don’t question them, even though you end up basing many of your actions and decisions on these subconscious drives.

These Snuggies are basically faulty beliefs that get in the way of you having a rich and satisfying relationship with yourself and everyone around you. Belief Snuggies create disconnection, dissatisfaction and unhappiness in your life.

All of your Belief Snuggies are comforting in the moment. You wrap yourself up in them and hunker down, blissfully burrowing in to a world where you’re right but not happy.

Here are the four Belief Snuggies:

Belief Snuggie #1: The Victim-Blame Snuggie

Belief Snuggie #2: The Avoidance Snuggie

Belief Snuggie #3: The Mind-Reading Snuggie

Belief Snuggie #4: The Outside Comfort Snuggie

It’s easy to get caught up in our Belief Snuggies but they’re not in alignment with a happy, connected and fulfilling life. Take the time to get “woke” to these unconscious drives and start deliberately choosing how you interact with yourself and those around you.

Resources and Links:

Podcast Episode 018: How Your Lizard Brain is Keeping you Stuck


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