Today I’m interviewing the AMAZING Patricia Lohan (all the way from Ireland, no less)!

Patricia is the creator of Feng Shui Mastery and author of The Happy Home: A Guide To Creating A Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life. She’s a Feng Shui expert, a healer and passionate female entrepreneur who has shaped her dream life living in Bali with her husband. 

Patricia has a gift at making Feng Shui simple, easy to understand and implement. She’s helped thousands of people across the globe embrace Feng Shui and create lasting changes in their relationships, businesses, homes and lives. She calls Feng Shui acupuncture for your home and is all about helping you create abundance, harmony and balance in your environment.

What You’ll Learn Today:

In today’s episode you’ll learn simple tips to:

  • Change the energy in your bedroom for more sex, love and intimacy
  • Think about your overall home differently, starting right at the front door
  • Create harmony and balance in your kitchen and general living areas (and don’t miss her quick tip about what to do with the toilet seat)!
  • Switch “bad energy” into “good energy”

This episode is packed full with tips, strategies and ideas for creating a new mindset in your home!

Resources and Links:

Get thee to for all things Feng Shui. Her current freebie is an ebook on how to become a money magnet and there’s a ton more on her site!


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