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  • A easy-to-use tool to change any unhealthy feeling into a constructive one

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Albert Ellis, considered by many to be the grandfather of cognitive-behavioral therapies, founded RET in 1955. His theory was revolutionary at the time (and maybe to you now), because it centered around the idea that individuals tend to think that what other people do causes our feelings. But, what really “makes us” angry, sad or glad is thinking angrily, sadly, or gladly about things that happen to us. In other words, what we think or tell ourselves about an event makes us feel something, not the event itself. 

WE FEEL THE WAY WE THINK about a situation or person.

RET helps you identify self-defeating thoughts and challenge them. You can then replace these thoughts and beliefs with new healthier ones. This results in moving our feelings from destructive or negative ones to a positive, more productive emotional state. 

RET helps you see how all these unhealthy beliefs create the emotional distress which leads to unproductive and damaging actions and behaviors.

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