partner blames you

What do you do if your partner (or someone else you love) gaslights and blames you for things not going their way?  You listen to today’s episode of Ask Dr. Abby!

In this episode, a listener we’ll call Rachel writes in that her boyfriend blames her whenever things don’t go well between them. He blames her for making him late, argues with her that she takes too long getting ready and rolls his eyes if she so much as says she has to stop to pee! When she tries to confront him and tell him how she feels, he starts gaslighting her and turns things around on her. He then storms off and breaks up with her! What should Rachel do?

Ask Dr. Abby is the advice segment of the Relationships Made Easy podcast. Submit questions to [email protected]. (I keep it anonymous!)

 Ready to find out what goes on inside that crazy mind of Abby’s? 

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