If I had to write down the number one complaint I hear from my clients it would be:

“But I just can’t stop thinking about it.” You can help how you think and you can change it, but it’s going to take some focused attention.

Today I’m going to teach you:

  • The four main reasons you get stuck in negative thoughts
  • The three ways you’re likely coping with negative feelings that don’t work
  • My top seven tips to get out of negative thinking

We tend to get stuck in bad thoughts and emotions for four main reasons:

#1: Monkey Mind
#2: Momentum
#3: It’s a Bad Habit
#4: You Want to Be Right

The Three Ways of Coping with Negative Feelings That Don’t Work

There are three main ways that people tend to deal with their negative thoughts and feelings that don’t work:

  1. Emotional Snuggies
  2. Ignore them
  3. Ruminating

Instead of participating in these three things that don’t work, you want to focus on these three things that do work: You want to incorporate tools that help you accept, observe, and detach.

Tips to Stop Negative Thinking

Tip #1: Have a Mantra
Tip #2: Do something nice
Tip #3: Ask yourself, “Really?!”
Tip #4: Talk to Yourself Like a Friend
Tip #5: Think of what’s possible
Tip #6: Name it
Tip #7: Set Yourself Apart from the Thought

Resources and Links:

Can Negative Thinking Make You Sick?

Susan David, Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life.

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